3D Printing in Perth: Helping Improve the Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is always based in one basic idea- how do you feed ourselves? The good thing is, with the help of the new technology, 3D printing has contributed significant innovations that are related to labor and mass production. These two things are very important in food production. As a result, the way how we feed ourselves have greatly changed. In Perth, 3D printing has been a huge part of their agricultural industry.

There has been a lot of stories on the success of this technology. From cars to human tissues, the stories are a proof that sky will always be the limit in terms of three-dimensional printing’s possibilities and in this case, agriculture is not an exception.


The Availability of 3D Printing

This additive manufacturing technology, through the years, has become more accessible. In fact, farmers may eventually find themselves using a three-dimensional printer to change their broken tractor parts, rather than wait for a few days for the replacement to arrive.

The technology needs different material inputs, as well as to create a physical object from 3D digital models. The majority of these printer have accomplished this achievement by printing numerous consecutive ultra-thin layers of the material until achieving the desired object.

In addition, the technology is not only considered as a catalyst for major changes. This can also help farmers in producing traditional equipment and tools at a rapid rate and more affordable price. Many farmers are now using 3D orienting in their machinery for design processes. They are now printing models and come up with concepts that they can use. So many prototypes have been made that prove to be functional.

What is amazing about it is the fact that they are being tested prior to using them and any flaw is removed to print a better one afterwards. Since 3D prototypes can be rapidly printed, the product turnaround for far equipment replication is cut dramatically.


Cheaper Additive Manufacturing Service

With the advent of the technology, smallholder farmers can now rely on 3D printing shops for their equipment replication needs.

With 3D printing, farmers are empowered to be self-sufficient. The time may even come when they would just look for some designs online at print them at home.

It also gives chance to manufacturers to design their own prototypes the way they way. This would mean that they can change errors or redesign them so it fits the machine or the product. This will be a lot cheaper in the long run.


What the Future Holds

As 3D printing is becoming more popular in Perth, it wouldn’t be a surprise if farmers would incorporate it in all of their jobs to make things so much easier for them. Not only in agriculture, but for sure, we will be seeing people using it in other industries.