7 Stunning 3D Printing Design Ideas from the Experts

3d printing design

What is 3D Printing? 3D printing is the technology of the future. Vowed to change the way people throughout the world manufacture and buy products, by putting the power to create in the hands of ordinary people. Did you know, you can print out 3-dimensional objects that are fully functional?

Know about 3D Printing, we the experts at 3Ding, give you a taste of what wonders 3D printing can do. Check out the 7 stunning masterpieces created by 3D printing. Tap the inner designer in you!which is of great help.

1. Acoustic Guitar-
3d Printed GuitarYes, you can create a fully working acoustic guitar by yourself! The world’s first 3D printed guitar was created by Scott Summi. The guitar is made with quality plastic and the sound hole with metal. Inspired by Scott, many other musical instruments are also being created by people throughout the world.

2. Interior Lights-
You can now design the interiors of your home or workplace with 3D Printing! Janne Kyttanen first created magnificent Hanging Lights using this amazing technology of 3D printing! These lights can be printed in different shapes and sizes. You can also create bed lamps, standing lamps or ceiling lights. You must just unfold your creative skills!

3. Kaleidoscope Clock-
Create amazing Kaleidoscope clocks with 3D Printers! Printing a clock can be a little complicated, look for some instructions on YouTube and get going. Decorate your home and workplace with hand-made 3D printed clocks. These clocks are even available online ready to be purchased.

3d printing

4. Useful Coffee Cups-
3d Printed Coffee cup
We all love coffee, don’t we? What if you could sip coffee in a hand-made coffee cup? Sounds cool? You can print espresso coffee cups with Glazed Ceramics using a 3D printer. Create cups in different shapes and sizes; unleash the creative side in you.

5. Stylish High Heels-
3d Printed High Heels
Upgrade your style sense with fashionable 3D printed high heels! The first 3D printed heels called Morphogenesis, where created by Pauline Van Dongen. How was this done?

6. Customized 3D-Printed Fabrics-
Needle and thread can be created by using software that collects an individual’s body data to create perfect fitting clothing. This process is a greener way to manufacture clothes, easy and recyclable! The best part though is that you would never need to worry about not getting clothes of your perfect size.

Getting the objects printed is easy. It is because your only task is to let the printing company know about your idea. The company will then guide you in creating the digital format, and the object is printed with the digital design. Therefore, if you are a creative person or if you have been bitten by the bug of the additive manufacturing process, get the help from 3D printing services in Hyderabad. Although, there are several printing firms in the state, but you need to make the right choice.

7. Camera Lens-
If you love photography, by using acrylic as glass on the lens you can now create your own camera lens.