Absorbent Mat: Why Choose this Instead of Clay?

When it comes to cleaning up spills and leaks, as much as possible you definitely would want it to be easy so faster response can be achieved. The kind of product that you choose to deal with spills will actually determine how effectively this task can be done. Using an absorbent mat for instance will offer you with numerous benefits compared to other less effective products such as clay granules which are often seen to be cheaper alternatives.

Here are some reasons why mats are the better choice instead of clay granules in terms of cleaning up spills in a facility.


Easy to Handle

An absorbent mat is so much lighter than clay. This means that transportation to a spillage is easier, thus achieving a faster response. On an average, a bag of clay will weigh between 18-22 kilograms. This makes it heavy and handling it will be difficult. On the other hand, a box of mats is lighter and can be carried around easily.

There are also some types of mats that come in handy dispenser boxes. You can just take the needed amount to a spill without having to carry the entire box.


Easy Clean-up

The absorbent fibers in mats makes them the better option in absorbing spills and leaks than clay granules that do not have enough absorption capacity. At the same time, mats can retain more liquid so there is no chance for the spill to spread. This means that you can avoid any mess and clean up can be done quickly and easily.


You can Save Time and Money

By opting for mats, you can save money on labor and material cost. Mats can soak up to 10 times of their weight. For 6.6 kg. of clay, you will only be needing five mats do you can spend lesser time cleaning up the spill. This also means that you don’t have to restock as much as you would if you choose clay. This is all thanks to the high absorption capacity of mats.

When it comes to clean up you just need to pick them up and disposed of when they become fully saturated. With clay, be prepare to spend more time and effort cleaning as more materials should be shoveled and swept up into the containers.

There are so many benefits that you can get if you opt to use mats instead of granular clay objects. Make your spill response be more effective and efficient while you save time, money, and effort on facility clean up in case of spills and leaks. Using it will mean that you are protecting the people in the facility and encouraging productivity among everyone, thus leading to a better working environment.

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