Air Compressor Repairs: Do You Need One or Just a Replacement?

If you are in a business operation where you need compressed air on a daily basis, then you know how much downtime would cost you in terms of losses in production. Then there is the question of whether you should have air compressor repairs or just replace a broken one. Deciding which way to go can be a bit of a challenge so a simple guide might help as you make your decision.


What are the Factors to Consider?

Cost is one of the most important considerations. While having a new air compressor may cost a lot, it is worth noting that when you consider the cost of ownership for a ten-year life span, the overall purchase price of your new compressor will only be around 10% of the total cost.

Another factor that can influence whether you should have air compressor repairs or just replace it will be the age of the unit, as well as its energy-efficiency when comparing it with newer models and its history and reliability.

Before you make the final decision, make sure that you check the system in case a breakdown is caused by something that can be fixed easily.


Troubleshooting Tips

There can be a number of reasons when a compressor breakdown happens, but not all of them are an indication of irreparable damage. Some of the things that needs to be checked should include the following.

  •         Power source
  •         Oil level
  •         Excessive noise
  •         Excessive oil consumption
  •         Excessive hot air discharge
  •         Excessive belt wear
  •         Regular blowing fuses

Bear in mind that even if you cannot fix the problem by yourself, as long as you can identify the areas of concern, you can help the repair technician to find and fix them as soon as possible, thus helping you save money.

When should you Replace your Compressor?

If you fail to find the problem by yourself and you are torn between the choice of buying an expensive unit or paying for a repair, here are some of the things you should consider.

  • If it has broken once, it is likely to happen again.
  • Compressors today are becoming more energy-efficient, so the cost of buying a new one may soon pay for itself as you can save on electricity.
  • If you have an older model unit, finding its parts can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult.

When should You Repair your Compressor?

You can opt to repair your air compressor in case of the following circumstances:

  • If your unit is new and hasn’t done so many operational hours yet.
  • If the unit has not been superseded to a great extent by a newer technology.
  • If the model has spare parts that are readily available.
  • If the unit is reliable and repair does not indicate any bigger problem.

By considering these things, you will definitely be able to make a decision that you will not regret when it comes to whether you should repair or replace your air compressor.