Areas where Anti Slip Tiles are A Must

Treatments for anti slip tiles are important to prevent unwanted injuries as a result of slippery tile floors. There are a lot of solutions available today to make your floor not slippery so accidents will be prevented. Good thing there are anti-slip coatings that allows you to move easily and freely anywhere across floors without worrying about falling down. As they say, prevention is better than cure. This is also applicable to floors. It is a must to treat the floors with a special slip-resistance coating before slip and fall accidents could happen. Below are the areas where an anti-slip coating treatment could be used for the prevention of accidental slipping on floor times.

Lobby and Entrance Hall

The entrance ways are common areas where a sliding or slipping on the tiles often happens. Normally, during non-rainy days and summer it is not a problem, but as soon as the weather changes and moisture begins to develop, it can become slippery. This results in making the tiles hazardous as anyone who enters quickly to the entrance hall without noticing that the floor is wet can easily slip.

To remedy this problem, there is a special coating that you can use on tiles and floors to make them anti-slip. By applying this coating there is no need for you to worry about any climatic conditions, thus you and the others can always wall freely and safely.



It is easy to fall when the stairs are wet. This can be a very dangerous situation. Aside from the fact that in most cases, stairs are high, upon falling, not only would one will get hurt but can even get killed because of the fall. In some cases, steps have traction strips that provide grip for the shoes in order to prevent slipping. These anti-slip strips are not only helpful but they are also very elegant looking. In addition, it would be best if you can apply some non-slip treatment to your staircases to ensure safety for everyone.


Walking Ramps

Slipping on tiled ramps when they are wet is very common. It is recommended to install anti-slip treatment and handrails to your floor tiles. If the ramp has a steep angle, you can use traction strips. The anti-slip treatment is advisable to be carried out only by professionals. There are different options available for different scenarios, so make sure that you choose the best option depending on the situation and condition.

Floors that often get slippery include the different work areas in the home such as the car services areas, washing rooms, work areas in the garage where oil may spill, and other areas. Such areas are prone to slip and fall anytime. By treating these floors with the use of anti slip tiles and anti-slip chemical coating, the floor surface becomes safe.