Chemical Storage Cabinet Tips to Keep the Workplace Safe

What would you do when, for instance, you went into your workplace and find out that someone has spilled a dangerous chemical? Then this spill is causing fumes and ruining the floors in the company. One of the basic actions that the company will take is to close down the business for a few days or until the mess gets cleaned up and disposed of properly.

This is the kind of instance that require the use of a storage cabinet. The scenario above can create so much problem. Most probably, the problem will not get solved by simply cleaning the mess, but lost revenue will be a headache. But the sad thing is, this actually often happens but it could have been avoided if necessary measures were in place.

For instance, if companies only have a chemical storage cabinet where they can keep chemicals to avoid accidental spills, no such thing will occur. At the same time, having dangerous good storage cabinets will make it easier to safely contain the chemicals in case if leakage. So, if you want one in place, here are the things to consider when looking for gas bottle cages and cabinets.

Chemical Storage Cabinet: The Different Types

For Flammable Liquid Storage

These types of cabinets are painted in safety colors so people will immediately know that something harmful is inside.

For Paint and Ink Storage

These types are best for keeping ink and paint from being spilled and ruining the floor. These cabinets can also keep them from releasing dangerous fumes.

For Acid and Corrosive

These cabinets are specially made to resist corrosive and acid.

For Drum Safety

These cabinets are for storing drums, such as the ones filled with chemicals that have been gathered from cleaning up a spill.

For Pesticide

As the name suggests, these cabinets are intended for the storage of pesticides.

Storage Cabinet Construction

Constructing these cabinets can be rugged as they should be able to store up to 350 pounds. At the same time, a gas bottles storage cage and different chemical cabinets need to be fire resistant. This means that in case of fire, they should be able to withstand with the chemicals still intact inside.

Of course, they need to have locks to prevent unauthorized people from accessing them. Only those who are allowed to handle chemicals should have the key. Locking them will also prevent theft and to be certain that they are safe.

So, when your company involves chemicals, these types of cabinets should be available. These will not only prevent accidents and protect people’s health but will also safeguard the investments and profit of the company.