Drill Rig for Sale: Identify the Different Types

A drill rig is an industrial machine that can create holes in the earth’s subsurface. It comes in different types. There are those that can be manually transported by a single person while others are massive structures where equipment that are used to drill wells to extract natural gas, water, or oil can be kept. Below are some of the popular type of drill rig for sale that you can use for your specific application.


Types to Choose From


Land Rigs

These land rigs that are for sale in the market are primarily used to create oil wells in petroleum industries. You can also choose from different sizes available so you can be sure that there will one for your specific drilling need.


Jack up Rigs

These ones are self-evaluating and mobile units. They come with strong structure legs that are lowered to the sea floor. This type can work through shallow levels of water that are often less than 400 ft. Some drill rig for sale of this type can even operate in a dept of 600 ft.


Barge Rigs

The name of this type basically cam from how it is being set up. For this one, the equipment to drill in shallow water depth is placed on a barge. This is specifically designed to be able to float offshore, but this one is not self-propelled.


Tender Rigs

This is another non-self-propelled type of offshore drilling rig. This comes with a drilling package placed on a platform. The facility of this type supports the operations from the platform.


Platform Rigs

This type of rig is offshore and immobile. The development of wells with this type are drilled and produced from it. This can also be constructed out of steel or concrete and can be either rigid or compliant.


Semi-Submersible Rigs

These ones are floating with pontoons and columns so they are able to submerse to a specific depth when it gets flooded with water. This in anchored into place. It some instances it makes use of a dynamic positioning system to keep it over the well. The high-end types for this one can work for up to 10, 000 ft deep of water.


What to Ask Before Buying

If you have plans of buying a drilling rig, gathering information about its price can be easy. However, this is not the only thing to consider. Knowing more things that you should be looking for from your equipment can help you get the right one that will meet your needs.


What is the Purpose of your Drilling?

Drilling a water well needs another type of drilling system than the one that you will be using for soil sampling.


What is the diameter and deep range 90%-95% of bore holes?

It is a must that you think in advance regarding the depth and size of the holes that you plan to drill so you can determine what type of system is best suited for your set goals.


What is Your Target Budget?

The capabilities, size, as well as the shipping considerations should all be taken into account when it comes on how much your organization or business can commit to.

Make sure that you consider these so you can make informed decisions as you buy the right kind of rig for your needs.


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