Important Considerations in Maintaining an Abrasive Waterjet Machine

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Waterjet Machine Fabricators & Manufacturers AssociationAccording to the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl, the typical hourly cost of running an abrasive waterjet machine is around $85. This cost can go higher if the machine is not properly maintained, and any facility manager knows that rising costs are not exactly representative of a properly run system.

As such, it is critical to make sure that your maintenance plan accounts for everything that your machine needs, in order to ensure full functionality for a long time. When it comes to that, remember these factors:

Water Quality

When maintaining an abrasive waterjet machine, ensuring that water quality is up to par is important. This is because hard water can negatively affect the expected life of consumable items significantly, which can lead to a host of complications. Manufacturers also prescribe certain specifications for their machines, and it is imperative that your facility meets these: failure to do so will compromise the functionality of the machine and cause costly damage.

Condition of Components

WaterJet Machine Nozzle Diagram

A waterjet machine comes with a lot of components and accessories to be fully operable, and how these are doing should be evaluated periodically. For example, the nozzles of cutting heads should be checked for cuts, inside and outside; if you find one, a replacement may be in order. Additionally, your machine’s mixing chamber may be up for a change, if it has already recorded over 500 hours of operation. Lines and fittings, valves and connectors, as well as water nozzles and pumps should also be examined.

Staff Training

Staff Training

Women Empowerment – Staff training is important

Finally, your staff should undergo routine training to make sure that their skills are in accordance with what is necessary in keeping a waterjet machine running well. Functionality and operations may be severely compromised if your people do not exactly know what they should do, in case they run into situations that require in-depth understanding of the mechanisms that govern the proper use of the machines. Staff training is also important to ensuring the safety of your workplace.


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