The Role of Ventilation in A Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

One of the most significant factors to consider before purchasing a gas cylinder storage cage is ventilation. Proper ventilation is of great importance in making sure that the gases are dispersed properly, as well as vapors, fumes, and mists. In case of leakage in the surrounding, these things can actually cause a serious health hazard and be a big safety concern for the employees and the local community.

This is why it is of utmost importance to have gas bottle cages in place. But be sure that your units are properly designed to prevent the accumulation of leaked gases. When it comes to storing cylinders, there are recommended ventilation guidelines that you need to adhere to.

Gas Cylinder Storage Cage Ventilation Guidelines

Ideally, an external gas cylinder storage structure need to be well-ventilated, without roof and up to two solid walls. As much as possible, these walls and even the doors should be manufactured from steel wire mesh in order to facilitate maximum ventilation.

If there is a need for weather protection, the roofing need to be designed in way that will not only protect from the elements but will ensure enough ventilation. The storage unit should have gaps in between the wall and sloping roof or ventilation outlets in the roof apex. This will help prevent gas pockets from building up.

In the case of an internal gas cylinder storage cage, it should have ventilation ports to make sure that there is adequate dispersal of any vapor or gases.

A typical gas cylinder storage structure that are means for non-flammable cylinders or just for smaller quantities need to have three adjacent walls. This will provide at least 25% of the surround is constructed to provide proper ventilation.

Thin corridors or high walls do not necessarily facilitate adequate ventilation. Thus, as a rule, be no more than 50% of the perimeter wall should be obstructed.

There are some gases that are heavier than air. In this case, ventilation louvre panels need to be positioned at both high and low levels so that accumulation of gases at the floor level will be prevented. Also, your gas cylinder storage solution should never be positioned near a drain or culverts as any dispersed chemical gas that are heavier than air can accumulate in the drain.

A Worthy Investment

It is a fact that maintaining a facility safe by preventing possible accidents can be quiet a challenge. But doing so is the right thing to do. Aside from taking the responsibility that everyone should be safe, it also guarantees profit or return on investment as you can avoid unnecessary expenses. You just have to be sure with the kind of storage units that you have. To be confident about them, consult the experts at