Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

How does the sonic drill rig manufacturers define sonic drilling? The closest thing that they will tell you about it is that it is a powerful soil penetration technique characterized by the strong reduction of friction that normally would occur in between the drill bit and drill string due to liquefaction, reduction of the soil porosity and inertia effects. Combining them together makes penetrating a wide array of type of soil easy for tooling and sonic rigs.

Features for Success

Maximizing safety, accuracy and efficiency is a big consideration when it comes to designing sonic drilling rigs. By this measure, success in every drilling work is almost always secured and guaranteed. They come with an easy to control swing arm panel with an intuitive layout. This provides ease of use by the operator so that he can carry out multiple tasks seamlessly. Feeds, pumps and speeds can be dialed precisely with the use of the electronic controls.

The rod handling system, which is used to help increase the level of productivity and safety,  may come as optional. At the same time, it should also help in alleviating operator’s fatigue.

Sonic drill rig is a powerful system. They can safely manage large diameter casings and rods, minimize manual effort and heavy lifting for a 4 man drill crew.  

How It All Works According to Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers?

Sonic drill rig derived its name from the driving mechanism behind the drill bit. It comes with a  sonic drill head with two oscillators. Basically, they act as counterweights, and work against each other. The moment that these two oscillators are tuned in the manner that you want it to, you are creating resonance from your tool string and down to your bit. This is the force that will help drive the drill down.  

Sonic Drilling Applications

Earthen Embankments

Earthen embankments usually come with a number of straining challenges. One surefire way to successfully mitigate them is with sonic. One good example of which can be seen in a project of Army Corp of Engineering. Air-based system of drilling is not acceptable, however, sonic offers what can be described as the most viable way in which the project can be successfully accomplished, remain still within the constraints.

Groundwater Profile

If the purpose you have for a drilling project is for you to obtain a groundwater profile, sonic is going to be the most practical drilling method to use for this purpose. The borehole will be inserted with the subsurface water pump and by this measure the technician will be able to draw water and bring it to the surface sans having to compromise the boring integrity.  


Sonic drilling is also known to offer several advantages in as far as environmental remediation projects are concerned. Both compaction grouting and low mobility can be achieved via sonic drilling.

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